Azure Sheep 2 (working title) is a Half-Life 2 modifcation and the unofficial sequel to Azure Sheep and Point of View. It picks up two decades after the events of those games and sees the return of Just Barney, Kate and Xonxt.


Twenty years after their escape from Black Mesa, Barney, Kate and Xonxt are now residing in the Combine oppressed City 17. After Barney is captured by Combine Forces during an apartment raid and taken to Nova Prospekt, the player takes control of Kate who along with Xonxt now must go on a journey to retrieve her lover and later assist Gordon Freeman in leading the rebellion against the Combine in City 17.


Just like the other Half-Life games it plays in a first person perspective. However like the original Azure Sheep the game contains cutscenes.


  • Just Barney uses the Male_07 model.
  • Kate uses the Female_01 model.