Just Barney

Barney (referred to as Just Barney) is the protagonist and player character of the Half-Life mod Azure Sheep. He is a security guard at the Black Mesa Research Facility who goes on a mission to find his girlfriend Kate during the Black Mesa Incident. He also appeared in the other mod by Davide Cintrao named Point of View as a non-playable character.


Following the Resonance Cascade at the Black Mesa Research Facility Barney began to fight through alien attackers to locate his girlfriend Kate. He would end up going against marines and assassins sent into the facility to cover up the incident and was being watched by the G-Man. During his path he encounters over allies which include other Half-Life protagonists including Gordon Freeman and Adrian Shephard.

Barney manages to escape Black Mesa in a vehicle along with Kate. Along a road they find an injured friendly Vortigaunt by the name of Xonxt and bring him along on the journey to safety.



  • The character is in no way related to Barney Calhoun, the player character of the Half-Life expansion pack Blue Shift (which was released two months prior to Azure Sheep). The security guards at Black Mesa were named Barney due to their models being named as such.
  • Barney is meant to be the same security guard as seen in the Half-Life chapter "Apprehension". However in that game the security guard is gunned down and killed by a black ops assassin before he could relay a warning to Freeman, but in Azure Sheep no such thing happens and he survives and helps Freeman to kill the assassins.
  • Barney makes a cameo in the semi-sequel game Point of View which takes place during the events of Azure Sheep. He is seen by the player vortigaunt character Xonxt when the latter is trapped in a glass cage. In Azure Sheep itself the player comes across the same cage containing Xonxt. At the end of Point of View (taking place shortly after the ending of Azure Sheep) Barney and Kate find an injured Xonxt and brings him along with them in their vehicle.
    • In his first appearance of Point of View he has one line of dialogue in which he says "end of the line for you" (which is taken from random security guard voice dialogue in Half-Life).
  • Barney, Kate and Xonxt were going to appear in a planned sequel called Azure Stand which would be a Half-Life 2 modification set during the Seven Hour War. However the game never happened.