Declan Walker is the main protagonist of Half-Life: Black Ops.

Black Ops Declan Walker

His first assignment is to kill a former scientist of Black Mesa, Dr. Gallhager. However, his mission is harder than he thought because he is a constantly fleeing target, and is accompanied by a seemingly rogue member of the Black Ops.

In the end, he finds Gallhager dead and is captured by HECU troops, only to escape and find his way to Black Mesa, to plant a nuclear bomb.


Instead of being one of the many silent characters of Half-Life and the HLEU, Declan actually voices his thoughts in comic-style cutscenes. He usually speaks about his mission and his job, but can also be a bit sarcastic when he encounters the corpse of his former (and traitor) fellow Black Ops member.

He is set to reappear on Black Ops Source, the Source remake of the original Black Ops.


  • He is supposed to be the random black ops assassin who arms the nuclear device in the original Half-Life: Opposing Force and is gunned down by Shephard. However the parking lot is completely different in appearance in Black Ops in contrary to Opposing Force, even to the point that the nuclear weapon isn't on a truck in Black Ops but instead on the ground.