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Gordon Freeman and his crowbar.

Doctor Gordon Freeman, PhD

Gordon Freeman, age 27, is the silent protagonist of the Half-Life series. He often wields his trademark crowbar as his melee weapon.

Throughout the Extended Universe, he is often the main character.

Azure Sheep continuityEdit

Freeman makes several appearance as an non-playable character during the mod Azure Sheep. The player can interact with him as the player character Just Barney and Freeman can talk. Freeman is first seen in the first chapter in which he arrives at work in a red sports car, which is witnessed by Just Barney.

During the Black Mesa Incident Just Barney crosses paths with Freeman near the surface (crossing paths with the Half-Life chapter "Apprehension") in which Just Barney helps him kill black ops assassins. However like in the main game Freeman is knocked out and taken away the the HECU marines.

Barney later sees Freeman fight aliens at the other side of a door. Judging by look of the location Freeman is in it seems to take place during the "Questionable Ethics" chapter, although nothing like where Barney is appears in the main game. Freeman is forced to run off when attacked by enemies.

Barney has the option to enter Freeman's portal in the "Lambda Complex" chapter, however like Opposing Force only triggers a paradox and falls into the void of Xen and fails the game. Therefore this situation is not canon to the game's story.

Freeman also makes an appearance in the semi-sequel Point of View in which he appears at the end swimming away from the dam in "Surface Tension". However this is a continuity error as by this point the game takes place after Freeman was put into stasis by G-Man.

List of Appearances Edit

HLEU Canon Edit

Half-Life: Induction: Main Character

Azure Sheep: Cameo (Two in total)

Half-Life: Main Character

Half-Life: Opposing Force: Cameo (Two in total)

Half-Life: Blue Shift: Cameo (Two in total)

Sweet Half-Life: Cameo (One in total)

Half-Life 2 and Episodes: Main Character

Dangerous World: Cameo (One in total)

HLEU Non-Canon Edit

Half Life: Invasion: Main Character

Escape from the darkness: Objective

Mistake of Pythagoras: Main Character

Rebellion: Main Character

Coastline to Atmosphere and Strider Mountain: Main Character

Final Project Diary: Cameo (One in total)

Mission Improbable Series: Main Character

Offshore: Main Character

Calamity: Main Character