HLEU (Half-life Extended Universe) Wiki

Welcome to the Half-Life Extended Universe Wiki!

This Wiki is created to gather information on the works of Half-Life's fandom and what could be considered canon or non-canon.


People would likely know about the Star Wars Expanded Universe, also known as the SWEU, composed of all the fan movies, fan comics, or official and unofficial products bound to the Extended Universe created by George Lucas.

Well, what if Half-Life had its own Extended Universe? We have so many mods, comics, and amateur videos made. Some of them, with a bit of imagination, can be considered as canon as the Gearbox extensions are considered canon by Valve (i.e. the "Schrödinger's cat" position considered by Valve: Opposing Force and Blue Shift are both canon and non-canon, until Valve decides to do something that messes up the timeline).

Well, here it is. The totally unofficial, 100% fan-made HLEU, which can give more context for the mods or the amateur things you play or see.

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