Half-Life: Induction (also known as Half-Life 0: Induction) is a Russian made modification which takes place directly before the events of the original Half-Life and depicts Gordon Freeman start at Black Mesa. The mod was released in 2009 and is in the Russian language and has English subtitles.


The game takes place a day prior to the Black Mesa Incident, in which Gordon Freeman starts his first day at Black Mesa. He interacts with Eli Vance and Isaac Kleiner (whose original bald scientist and black scientist models are modified to give them their Half-Life 2 appearance) introduce him to the facility, with Eli showing Freeman to his dorm. Arne Magnussen also appears and Alyx Vance makes a voice cameo as a baby.

One segment of the game is actually in the English language, which is the "Hazard Course" chapter which shows Freeman before he gets his training. This is due to this chapter being taken directly from the PS2 version of the Hazard Course, in which Freeman gets an introduction from two scientists before starting the course.

In reference to a story told by Alyx in Half-Life 2: Episode One, a chapter allows the player to race Barney Calhoun to access Dr. Kleiner's lab.

Freeman later arrives at the Anomalous Materials labs to run a test on a Xen crystal with Rosenberg overseeing it.

The player then goes to get their tram and witness Barney passing by on his tram to work (crossing over with Half-Life: Blue Shift). Freeman then awaits his tram which then directly leads into the original Half-Life.


  • The game supposedly takes place a day prior to the original game (which takes place on the 16th May) as a calendar can be seen reading "15th May". However a picture (taken from Half-Life: Opposing Force) has Gordon Freeman listed as "Employee of the Month".
  • G-Man makes a cameo appearance, and has a slight skin redesign to fit with his Half-Life 2 appearance.