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In Half-Life Black Ops, you play as Declan Walker, a male Black Ops agent tasked with retrieving a case and targeting former Black Mesa scientist Dr. Gallagher.

Declan is assigned to find Gallagher in the Dead End Nightclub. After being ambushed by a zombie horde, and finding the wine cellar code, he enters the wine cellar, kills two vortigaunts, and accesses a laptop, which gives him intel on Gallagher's new location, in the Tin How Temple in Little China.

Before reaching the Temple, he is assaulted by a helicopter. After defeating it, and entering the Tin How Temple, he finds no sign of Gallagher, but finds a letter which gives Declan knowledge that Gallagher may be in Warehouse 8 at Union Export.

Once he gets there, Dr. Gallagher is dead and a rogue Black Ops agent attacks Declan. After he kills her, he leaves the warehouse with the case. However, he is detained by HECU, and the case is confiscated.

In the jail cell, after Declan hears combat on the upper floor, he decides to make his escape. He destroys the poster, revealing a grate. He destroys it and escapes through it to an adjacent cell. After fighting through the HECU and aliens, he makes it out through a sewer pipe, kills a Gonarch, and is met with a friendly agent. He briefs Declan of the contents of the case, and is tasked with planting the bomb in the case in Black Mesa.

Trivia Edit

  • The mod is being recreated on the Source engine.