The Citizen

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The Citizen is the main protagonist of the Half Life 2 mod trilogy, The Citizen. His background is unknown, apart from the fact that his family was killed by the Combine.

The Citizen Edit

Some time later, he decides to join the Resistance, at first meeting some members and then gradually assisting in Rebellion actions, until he is part of a squad planning to assassinate Wallace Breen during his Breencast.

However, because of a traitor, the plan fails, leaving the majority of the squad killed. The Citizen escapes on a train, which is quickly destroyed by an Advisor, but he is saved by the G-Man.

The Citizen 2 and 3 Edit

Part 2 and 3 have been merged into a single part after the final release.

Now, the Citizen is tasked to save Larry, a Rebel Leader. He is now one of the most notorious Resistance members, as he leads the final rescue mission. 

After freeing Larry, they escape to an underground base, where they lead the final mission: Destroy the factory of "Dr Breen's Private Reserve", the drink that brainwashes the unknowingly citizens. Despite reaching the generator, Larry has to sacrifice himself to launch the self-destruction of the base.