The Janitor is a working class of Black Mesa. These are the unseen guys in Half-Life, but in the Extended Universe, they are all based on "Construction", the unused model of what appears to be a construction worker that can be found within Half-Life's game files.

The janitor, aka the yellow shift

Protagonists Edit

Bryan Anderson:

The main protagonist of Cleaners Adventures. He has his own training course for janitors, and is caught, along with others, in the "Black Mesa Incident".

Bob Dewey:

The main protagonist of CaseClosed, a janitor addicted to PentHouse magazine and donuts, who finds Barney's jokes stupid and sarcastically remarks the scientists as "smart asses".

John Skinner:

The main protagonist of Operation Nova, a cleaner who has tasked himself to destroy a giant missile that is targeting the rocket launched by Gordon during the events of Half Life.

Kevin Camon:

The main protagonist of the upcoming mod, Yellow Shift. He's a black janitor during the Black Mesa Incident.